Pieces can be teamed up to participate in battle, loot, and snipe against each other. More pieces will improve your combat effectiveness and also do more tasks at once.


Guild allows the player to work together to strengthen their power. The stronger the guild, the more benefits and rewards the guild members get.


There will be infinite variables of battle combat and outcome in Monoguilds between guilds & players

Valueble Game Assets

We provide maximum value to our game assets which can be traded with other people. Monoguilds will give you a different GameFi experience.



Phase 1

  1. Whitepaper published
  2. Building community
  3. Gameplay proposal
  4. Testnet prototype (Profile, Guilds & Pieces NFTs)
  5. Branding

Phase 2

  1. NFT Arts & Game graphics
  2. Mainnet launch (Presale Pieces & Guilds)
  3. Minting NFT (Piece)
  4. NFT marketplace listing
  5. Complete gameplay proposal with details

Phase 3

  1. Provide SAPPHIRE initial liquidity for Piece holder
  2. Partnership with multiple DEXes (Liquidity Mining)
  3. In-game NFT Marketplace.
  4. SAPPHIRE token launch.

Phase 4

  1. Capturing
  2. Pieces & Guilds Battle (Testnet & Mainnet)
  3. More partnership

Phase 1

Monoguilds is a strategy blockchain game where you can develop your civilization together with other people. The player can loot, trade items, join guild and develop buildings. With the potential of Blockchain, Web3, Defi and NFT to make the game more fun and realistic.


  • Monoguilds is a co-op blockchain game that has infinite variables for the battles between players and guilds.

  • There will be limited amount of Genenis Pieces to be found in presale. $ONE is required to claim the Pieces.

  • There will be infinite variables of gameplay and outcome in Monoguilds. For example, the player can choose to join or leave the guild to achieve their goal. Every player/guild can also initiate to attack which involve with players & guilds to get more rewards.

  • The token will be launch after gameplay is fully tested and ready to launch. The economy is base on the gameplay.

  • Yes, we will introduce capturing mechanism in the game to increase the total supply of Piece for the new player. Genesis Pieces give you more advantages in capturing.




Project Founder / Software & Solidity Developer